We built an app that gives you our own personal private cloud at home in seconds – no more complicated installations or servers – Mac users welcome to try

Hey everyone,

**Duple is an app that gives you your own private cloud in seconds.** Store, sync, share, backup, access your files from anywhere. Simple and private.

We’re still in beta, and we’re getting there. Feel free to try it out on your Mac!



What makes Duple awesome?

**-It’s private:** Your files are not stored on someone else’s data center, but on your storage.

**-You own your data:** Nobody can access your files except you and the people you choose.

**-It’s simple:** Anyone can use it. Just download the app on your devices, plug any USB to your router, and you’re good to go! No complicated installation. Plug and play.

**-It’s flexible:** Since you use your own storage, that means you have full control over the size of your cloud. From 1Gb to 10TB (or more), you decide.

**-It’s safe:** Files are End-to-End Encrypted: it’s ultra secure. (Not yet implemented in beta)


As of now the beta is only available in “Advanced mode configuration”. We are working on the automatic configuration mode (plug and play) and will release it soon. With the “Advanced Mode Configuration”, whether it’s a NAS, Raspberry Pi, Amazon S3, or your own custom configuration: you can choose whichever storage you want for your private cloud.Since the technology can convert any file storage into a full private cloud, without needing a server, there’s no limit.


Duple was born out of personal need: it was because the likes of Dropbox offered no privacy, and because existing private solutions were a nightmare to install/set up and/or expensive, that we started to develop it, originally for ourselves. Something that works out of the box.


If you simply want to be notified when we launch, you can [sign up](https://eepurl.com/gUPsJH)

Thanks and let me know what you think!

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out!

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