Gutted – an update

So last week I posted this –

Just to let you all know that I contacted Apple right away and they have been working this week to investigate what has happened. Whilst the investigation has been ongoing I also contacted the courier and Police Scotland. The courier has been pretty crap tbh and just blamed another service as it was international. Police Scotland have been really good about the whole thing and called me to go over everything and make sure it’s all recorded to help with Apple’s investigation, should it be needed.

Apple themselves have been great. They’ve been emailing me with requests and updates every 2 days and today I received a phonecall to confirm that replacement iPad is being shipped today, complete with engraving, and will be here on Monday. I’m really impressed with the customer service and can’t wait to finally get the iPad.

TLDR: IPad was stolen in transit – Apple have been great and replacement iPad on the way.

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