Experience picking my preorder iPhone 12 pro.

Today morning I drove to my local apple store to pick up my iPhone, everything is going well until I was inside the store with the associate in charge of giving me my iPhone.

This associate was pushing Apple care and MagSafe down my throat wen I clearly told him I wasn’t Interested! This guy had the audacity to tell me that apple doesn’t make money out of MagSafe!!!! And that they’re make us a service by not including a charged, I totally lost it wen he told me that the difference btw usb c and lightning is that one chargers the device and the other can charged and transfer data!! I lost it the guy was delusional and made me wasted 25min of my life by not giving me my phone already payed he kept it on his hand trying to push this items that I really didn’t care about… definitely contacting apple about this pushy behavior…

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