How to erase and prepare an Apple Watch for gifting, recycling, or selling

Regardless of whether you’re planning on selling, trading, recycling, or giving your old Apple Watch to someone else, there’s a bit of work you’ll have to do before you get rid of it, but don’t worry — our helpful guide makes the process easy.

If you’re planning on getting rid of your Apple Watch, particularly if you’re selling or giving it away, you must unpair it first. Unpairing it disables Activation Lock, allowing others to pair it to their phones. It’s also a smart idea to unpair and wipe your Apple Watch clean if you’re planning on recycling it, especially a particularly old model like the original Apple Watch or the Apple Watch Series 1.Please note that you will need to keep both your Apple Watch and iPhone charged and close together while they unpair. The process can take quite a long while, so have both devices on their chargers while this happens.

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