Meross launches an affordable Smart Wi-Fi Dimmer Switch with HomeKit

Meross ends the year with yet another HomeKit-enabled smart accessory.

What you need to know

  • Meross has announced the release of a new HomeKit dimmer switch.
  • Latest accessory supports convenient dimming and lighting controls through HomeKit without a separate hub.
  • MSS560XHK Smart Wi-Fi Dimmer Switch is available now on Amazon for $24.99.

Even though 2020 is winding down, Meross has managed to slip in one last HomeKit accessory release before years end with the launch of the MSS560XHK Smart Wi-Fi Dimmer Switch. The latest smart lighting accessory brings convenient, hub-free lighting controls to HomeKit, Alexa, and the Google Assistant over Wi-Fi.

  • Replace single pole switch. Not compatible with 3 way switch.
  • Dim your INC, CFL and LED bulb to suit for different scenes.
  • Works with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, SmartThings.
  • Control your lights anytime anywhere via Meross app.
  • Easy to install and setup. No extra hub required.
  • Neutral wire (white wire) required. Works with 2.4GHz WiFi only.

Meross’ newest switch features a total of three on-device buttons, two of which are dedicated to adjusting brightness levels from 0-100% for connected fixtures. The dimmer supports a maximum of 400 watts for incandescent light bulbs, and up to 150 watts for CFL and LED alternatives. Meross states that the switch can be installed in as little as 15 minutes, however, like most smart options, it does require the presence of both a neutral and ground wire in your electrical boxes.

The Meross Smart Wi-Fi Dimmer Switch connects to directly to home networks via 2.4gHz Wi-Fi without a dedicated hub. Through HomeKit, users can adjust brightness levels, and toggle power state with a single tap over in the Home app. HomeKit also enables Siri voice controls, and the dimmer also integrates with other accessories in scenes and automation.

The Meross MSS560XHK Smart Wi-Fi Dimmer Switch is available now through Amazon for a retail price of $24.99. As with previous Meross HomeKit accessory launches, the company is celebrating the release by offering a coupon that can be clipped on Amazon that takes an additional $5 off, making it one of the most affordable smart dimmers around.


Meross Smart Wi-Fi Dimmer Switch

$25 at Amazon

Affordable and convenient dimming

The affordable Meross Smart Wi-Fi Dimmer Switch adds convenient HomeKit and Siri lighting controls to your fixtures in minutes. Wi-Fi connectivity pairs directly to HomeKit without the need for yet another hub.

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