Photos show off production of the original iPhone back in 2007

Check the original production of the iPhone back in 2007.

What you need to know

  • A series of photos shows off the original iPhone production back in 2007.

A series of photos have popped up on the internet that gives us a look at the original iPhone coming together at one of Apple’s factories back in 2007.

Bob Burrough, one of the co-creators of the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and the inventor Apple Taptic Engine, posted a series of photos to Twitter that showcase the production and testing of the original iPhone at its factory back in the spring of 2007.

“Photos from the iPhone factory, spring 2007.”

One of the photos is especially interesting, showing off two iPhones going through their testing process and coming back with “Passed” messages.

These photos match nicely with the prototype Apple Watch photos also recently uploaded to Twitter that features an early build of watchOS. The Apple Watch is contained in a security case, and also shows off Apple’s internal development tools.

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