Prototype Apple Watch shows off an early build of watchOS

Get a look at the Apple Watch and watchOS when Apple was developing it.

What you need to know

  • A prototype Apple Watch has popped up on the internet.
  • It shows off a build of watchOS before it was finalized.

It appears that a prototype Apple Watch has surfaced on the internet. Posted to Twitter by Apple Demo, the Apple Watch is contained inside a security case and features a pre-watchOS 1.0 build of Apple’s original software for the Apple Watch. In addition, the software contains Apple’s own internal testing apps and development settings.

“Prototype Apple Watch with Security Case runs an Internal Pre-WatchOS 1.0 build, complete with internal testing apps and development settings. It’s extremely amazing that something like this could still exist; without having been destroyed.”

One of the more fascinating screens on the development software is the “Springboard zoom” app which shows off the Grid layout that eventually became the standard view for apps on watchOS.

“My favourite UI development test screen on the Prototype Apple Watch. The “Springboard zoom” app (located in Lisa Tester) shows an interactive representation of the home screen.”

It is always amazing to see prototypes of Apple’s products that eventually form into their released state, and the quality of this one is certainly one of the best seen yet.

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