Start the weekend off right with a drinking game and your Nintendo Switch

Ah, drinking games: the staple of any adolescent growth experience. While most of the best Nintendo Switch games are fun on their own, adding stipulations that involve taking a swig of beer or your favorite whiskey can take a fun hangout session to a whole different level. Need some ideas on the best drinking games on the Nintendo Switch to play for a drinking party? The ones suggested here will be perfect.

★ Featured favorite

1-2 Switch

With a sizable collection of unique games that take full advantage of the Nintendo Switch’s capabilities, 1-2 Switch can be the basis of any night, but it’s especially fun when you and your friends are all buzzed!

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Raunchy Fun

Jackbox Party Pack 7

Staff pick

If you’re playing a drinking game, chances are you want something that can entertain a mature crowd. With Jackbox Party Pack, you get a handful of games that can be as clean or dirty as you like thanks to it relying on user-inputted content. Plus, if you have a big crowd they can join in on their smartphones and tablets, so you don’t even need to buy more controllers!

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Tipsy Twos

1-2 Switch

What makes 1-2-Switch the ideal drinking game? Maybe it’s the huge selection of games to choose from, or maybe it’s how simple the concept of some of them are, making them perfect for taking shots or putting on those beer goggles with buddies.

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Chug & Go

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Ever heard the term Beerio Kart? It’s a popular one amongst people who have been using Mario Kart as a drinking vessel since its initial release in 1992, and now it can be applied to its great-great-great grandchild, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe! There are plenty of different drinking games you can play with Mario Kart.

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Party Time!

Super Mario Party

Ain’t no party like a Mario party because a Mario party don’t stop! With dozens of mini-games at your disposal, you can have loads of fun with up to three other people at a time. Don’t get too crazy now!

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My Turn!

Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo’s online service could be the perfect place to go for drinking games. There are many classic NES games that support up to two playing, and more can join in if you pass the controller around. Try and challenge your friends to beat a level in a certain amount of time or by getting all the rings without dying, making them take a shot when they fail!

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Serve Me!

Mario Tennis Aces

Serve the ball, and then serve your opponent a beer! Mario Tennis Aces is good ol’ back and forth competitive fun, the perfect backdrop for a drinking game. Take a sip of your drink on each score or fault and see how you fare.

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Time to party on Nintendo Switch

Needless to say, you should always exercise caution and moderation when drinking. The point of these drinking games is to have fun, and no one will have fun if you’re vomiting all over the place or can barely stand! Know your limits and quit while you’re ahead, lest you want your more sober opponents to have the last laugh.

But with appropriate caution, any of these titles can make for a fun night drinking with friends. We especially enjoy the Jackbox Party Pack 7 and, honestly, all of the Jackbox games. Each party pack has five unique party games in it that can be paired with different variations of drinking games, or just made more ridiculous when everyone’s a little inebriated.

1-2-Switch is also an excellent choice. Though plenty of people wrote it off when it launched, it’s a game that’s best revisited when a little bit tipsy. Make a lot of silly poses and gestures as everybody competes to be the most laugh-worthy.

If you can’t get in a room together and drink with friends, there are still plenty of other options for game night fun. Consider chcking out anything from our list of the best online multiplayer games for the Switch, any of which can be a blast whether you’re specifically playing drinking games or just trying to relax with pals.

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