Apple threatens to pull Amphetamine macOS app over branding

The developer behind the macOS app Amphetamine claims Apple has threatened to pull it from the Mac App Store for violating one of the App Store Guidelines due to its name, despite being available to download for over six years.

Dating back to 2014, Amphetamine is an app that is used to keep a Mac awake, preventing macOS from going to sleep. So far, it has been offered on the Mac App Store for six years, but it seems that Apple itself may be preparing to remove it from view entirely, due to its branding.Posted on Friday to Github, William Gustafson claims an Apple representative got in contact on December 29th, with the threat of removing the app from the Mac App Store. Apple deemed the app was in violation of its App Store Guideline, and it would be delisted on January 12 unless changes were made to the app.

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