Apple has closed all of its stores in the United Kingdom

Apple will only be shipping products to customers in the UK for now.

What you need to know

  • Apple has closed all of its retail stores in the United Kingdom.
  • The move aligns the company with the national lockdown just announced for the country.

As spotted by Shaun Jenks on Twitter, Apple has closed all of its retail locations in the United Kingdom. While some stores had remained open using a storefront or click and collect model, it appears that the company has moved to close all of those locations as well.

“UPDATE: All U.K. stores now fully closed. No storefront or click and collect options available.”

Jenks had previously noticed that all of Apple’s stores in Scotland were closed due to tightening restrictions in the country.

“All @Apple stores in Scotland are now fully closed (no storefront or click and collect options) following today’s tightening of restrictions in Scotland. Expect more full closures in England soon too after Boris Johnson’s lockdown announcement this evening.”

Apple’s closing of its retail stores is in response to Prime Minister Boris Johnson announcing a nationwide lockdown in the United Kingdom in order to fight off the new COVID-19 variant. According to Johnson, hospitals in the country will be overwhelmed in three weeks without drastic measures taken. Citizens are only able to leave their home to go to work (if working from home is not possible, get essentials, exercise, and a few other exceptions.

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