This app puts timers on your iPhone screen no matter what you're doing

What you need to know

  • Pop Out Timer & Stopwatch uses picture-in-picture to give you a count everywhere in iOS.

Now you’ll always know how long is left on that pan of pasta.

There are countless apps that can count time up and down and Apple ships its own. But I’ve never come across one that can do what this app can do – put those timers and stopwatches on your Home screen. Or in another app. Or anywhere.

Pop Out Timer & Stopwatch cleverly turns itself into a video and then allows users to watch that video via picture-in-picture. The result is a movable timer and stopwatch that you can always see, whether you’re on your Home screen or checking up on Twitter. No matter where you are, you’ll see what you need to see.

Pop Out Timer uses picture-in-picture to provide an always on-screen, floating timer or stopwatch. Great for presentations, talks, or anything that needs to be timed while using a full screen app.

According to developer Jeremy Provost, getting the app through App Store review took a bit of work but it’s here now, and it’s well worth the wait. Whether you’re using the app to keep track of the time when doing a presentation or just don’t want to overcook something, you’d be surprised how helpful something like this can be.

A recent update to Pop Out Timer & Stopwatch includes support for iOS 14 Home screen widgets as well, putting your favorite timers just a tap away.

You can download Pop Out Timer & Stopwatch from the App Store now, for iPhone and iPad, for just $3.99.

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