Apple's iPhone 12 costs 21% more to make than iPhone 11, claims new research

Based on an analysis of the components in the iPhone, research firm Counterpoint estimates that multiple features such as 5G mean the iPhone 12 costs Apple a fifth more than the iPhone 11.

Previous reports have shown that Apple has had to make design changes to accommodate 5G in the iPhone 12 range. Now research firm Counterpoint has costed the individual components and estimated the total bill of materials (BoM) at $415, or 21% more than the iPhone 11.”The shift from LCD to OLED in the iPhone 12 is a big jump, resulting in an over $23 cost increase,” says the company in a statement. “Cost increases are also driven by 5G-related components, with components like 5G modem, transceiver and RF front-end system collectively contributing a $34 increase.”

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