Sonix has a new range of MagSafe-like Chargers, stands, and cases

What you need to know

  • Sonix has a range of MagSafe-like chargers on offer and in a range of colors, too.

How does a magnetic charger in blue sound to you?

Apple’s MagSafe products are fine but they aren’t what many people would call colorful. Unless, of course, you want white. Sonix is fixing that by offering a range of colors across its own magnetic chargers, stands, and cases.

Sonix has no fewer than 25 different magnetic charging products for you to choose from right now, with my personal favorite being a magnetic wireless charging stand in a few gorgeous colors for just $50.

Sonix has a MagSafe-like charging puck on offer for just $30 and while it can’t match the 15W MagSafe, it does at least reach 10W. That’s more than most of the competition, by the way.

  • Provides 10W output for iPhone 12 series and any other device compatible with magnetic charging
  • Charges directly through protective cases up to 2mm thick
  • Extends up to 6.5 feet for flexible and hassle-free charging
  • Full 360° degree rotation functionality for total control
  • Slim, lightweight, compact design to fold for portability
  • Designed with metallic hardware for a sleek, classic look

There’s also an option for those who want to add their own magnetic charger to one of Sonix’s stands, too.

You can see the entire Sonix MagSafe collection of products all in one place and it’s well worth checking out. It’s taken longer than I expected, but we’re starting to see more and more MagSafe-compatible accessories hitting the market.

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