The latest Spotify beta includes a redesigned CarPlay interface

What you need to know

  • The latest Spotify beta includes a newly redesigned CarPlay interface.

Users can now enjoy a music queue from within CarPlay.

The latest beta version of Spotify for iPhone includes a newly redesigned CarPlay interface. First spotted by users on social media and then shared by 9to5Mac, the update is now available to beta testers via TestFlight.

The biggest change that people appear to be reporting is the addition of a new queue that allows users to see what’s coming next and beyond. Tapping the artist’s name on the Now Playing screen transfers users to the artist’s Spotify page, too.

Visually, the CarPlay app now has four tabs at the top of the screen for easier quick access to Home, Recently Played, Browse, and Library. There’s also been a general overhaul of how things look in general, too.

It’s impossible to know when Spotify intends to get this update out to those running the App Store version of the app, but if it’s in the hands of beta testers it’s definitely a good sign. Spotify isn’t exactly quick at getting new features implemented, but at least we know that this one is now in the works at the very least.

Spotify only got around to adding Apple Watch streaming support towards the end of last year, but hey, it’s better late than never!

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