Apple promotes HomePod mini via new Avenues in Apple Stores

What you need to know

  • HomePod mini has a new dedicated Avenue in select Apple Stores.

17 HomePod minis, strapped to a wall.

Apple Stores have a new Avenue designed to promote HomePod mini, with seventeen of the diminutive speakers mounted to a wall to create a pattern.

While tons of Apple Stores are closed or operating under restrictions, some stores in China have started to receive a new Avenue. And it’s all about HomePod mini.

That tweet was first spotted by 9to5Mac and you can find a pan and zoomable version of the Avenue over there, too.

Apple isn’t only promoting its speaker, however. A number of third-party accessories are also getting attention via the new display, including HomeKit-compatible cameras and lighting.

Apple’s HomePod mini seems to have been a success since its launch late last year, especially if you go by the lack of stocks available. The $99 speaker offers sound quality that’s streets ahead of the competition, although you do still have to contend with Siri.

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