Colorful, clamshell, foldable iPhone rumors make very little sense

Colorful suggests pricing might be lower, but foldable suggests the opposite.

The latest round of foldable iPhone rumors coming out of leaker John Prosser has Apple leaning towards a clamshell design like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip rather than the book-like foldable that is the Galaxy Fold. But it also has Apple also wanting to offer the new phone in a number of “fun” colors.

Those two rumors are very much at odds with one another.

See, any foldable iPhone is sure to be a costly affair. Normal iPhones – at the high end, especially – aren’t cheap devices already. Foldables from the likes of Samsung and Motorola are already selling at considerably more than those normal iPhones, with prices going up to $2,000 in some cases. It’s a safe bet that a foldable iPhone is going to be around the $1500 mark unless something miraculous happens.


At that price point, Apple would surely want to go with a gorgeous finish like the frosted glass of the MIdnight Green iPhone 11 Pro or the stunning Pacific Blue iPhone 12 Pro. But then we have the second rumor – fun colors.

That, instead, would suggest that Apple is going to go with something like the traditional mid-range iPhone colors. Red, blue, yellow, green, black, and white. Or some combination thereof, perhaps. Could Apple charge $1500 for a device that ships in yellow like that? Would people see these things as premium devices if they didn’t have a premium finish?

The price will surely be squarely in the ‘premium’ bracket and potential customers could be put off if foldable iPhones look like something akin to an iPhone SE that bends in the middle.

Prosser suggests that the color situation is an important point here and he could be right. I’m just struggling to see how both of today’s rumors fit together.

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