The Gmail iOS app is now warning users that it is out of date

Use the Gmail app on iOS…at your own risk?

What you need to know

  • The Gmail app on iOS is now warning users that it is out of date.
  • Ironically, there is currently no update available for the app.

As reported by MacRumors, a number of Google’s iOS apps have gone so long without an update now that they are even warning users that they are now out of date.

It’s been so long since Google last updated the Gmail app, in fact, that Gmail now displays a warning that the latest security features are unavailable. As discovered by Techmeme editor Spencer Dailey, when you go to log into a new account in the Gmail app for iOS, it gives a warning that you should update and suggests that you only continue with the sign in “if you understand the risks.”

Ironically, the app does not have an update available even if a user wanted to update to avoid the security risks the message warns about.

As noted by the report, Google has not updated the Gmail app for iOS and iPadOS since December 1 and most of its iOS and iPadOS apps since December 7. It has been increasingly rumored that the company is holding off on updating its apps on the iPhone and iPad to avoid having to display the privacy information now required by Apple on the App Store.

That rumor was downplayed by Google when the company said, back at the beginning of January, that it would be adding the privacy labels to its apps within a week.

Reached for comment, a Google spokesperson confirmed the company has a plan to add privacy labels across its app catalog. They also confirmed the labels are expected to begin rolling out as soon as this week or next week, though an exact date is not yet available.

However, over two weeks after that statement, the apps have less of a privacy label and more of a warning not to use the app at all.

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