Intel targets M1 weaknesses in 'You're not on a Mac' ad campaign

Days after Intel released a series of benchmarks to back up claims that its chips are better performers than Apple’s M1, the company on Thursday pressed the issue by launching an ad campaign listing features that are exclusive to Windows PCs.

Published to Intel’s official Twitter account, the “Go PC” ad push currently consists of two posts and a sponsored YouTube video highlighting class exclusive capabilities offered by Intel hardware. The company specifically calls out Apple’s Mac, an interesting turn of events considering Apple, long a PC industry underdog, did the same with its famous “I’m a Mac” series in the early 2000s.In one ad, Intel points out Macs are unable to play certain games like Rocket League, an important point for buyers looking to use their computer as an entertainment console. Another notes Mac does not support a tablet mode with stylus input and touchscreen support. No mention of iPad is made.

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