Replica 3 lets you mirror your iPhone and iPad screen to a web browser

What you need to know

  • Replica has been updated to allow screencasting to a web browser.
  • Users can cast to a Chromecast and other streaming sticks as well.

This could be big for those giving presentations.

Popular screencasting app Replica has received a big version 3.0 update that adds a feature that could be pretty great for people who are doing presentations and whatnot. With Replica 3 installed users can cast their screen to a web browser as well as the usual array of streaming sticks and smart TVs.

While casting to a web browser might not be something most people need, it does open up possibilities for people to do impromptu presentations almost anywhere, so long as they have a browser and a network connection.

The new release allows you to mirror your screen on a web browser, this means you can showcase your iPhone and iPad screen on almost any device. If the browser supports Picture in Picture you can even use your device while seeing a live stream of the other device.

While Replica might not be able to cast some of your apps depending on DRM, it could come in handy for sharing documents, photos, and more. Replica is a great example of an app that many might not need, but those who do absolutely love it.

The Replica 3 app is available as a free download from the App Store now. In-app purchases are available for those who want to unlock additional features, too. Screencasting to a browser is currently free for a limited time to celebrate the Replica 3 launch as well.

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