Apple highlights developers and participants from its Entrepreneur Camp

Apple puts the spotlight on some of the successes from its Entrepreneur Camp.

What you need to know

  • Apple is highlighting some participants from its Entrepreneur Camp.
  • The company is highlighting TuneBend, Hopscotch, and imagiLabs.

Today, Apple highlighted a number of developers and participants from its Apple Entrepreneur Camp. Some of the companies featured in the piece include TuneBend, Hopscotch, and imagiLabs.

Matt Garrison, the creator of TuneBend and the owner of ShapeShifter Lab, decided to build the app after dreaming of a new way for musicians to collaborate.

“I said, teach me to code, and I’ll build it myself,” says Garrison. “Just show me how it’s done. Because I think as an artist today when you’re faced with a challenge in technology you’ve got to break it and push it.”

“I’ve always been fascinated with computers and technology,” says Garrison. “Now I understand how to get inside them to really develop a digital texture to the ways of presenting music. I think we’re one of the few music venues that actually builds code on site.”

Samantha John, the founder of Hopscotch, decided to learn how to code in order to create an app that helped young girls also learn how to code.

“I wanted to make something for little me!” says John. “All my male coder friends had learned when they were kids, and it had not been something on my radar. I wanted to change that for the next generation.”

“It was amazing getting to work at the new Apple campus and having access to all the resources there,” says John. “I think my favorite part was when I got to work on a bug in web GL with the actual engineer who maintains it for Apple.”

Dora Palfi, Beatrice Ionascu, and Paula Dozsa, founders of imagiLabs, have built an entire company around helping women to learn how to code.

“Studies have found that at the age of twelve, boys and girls share a similar interest in computer science,” says Dora Palfi, imagiLabs’s CEO and founder. “However by the age of fourteen this interest diverges, with interest rising to 47 percent for boys, but declining to 12 percent for girls. We believe this is due to a lack of relevant activities created with, and for girls. Our app and the imagiCharm can fill this gap.”

You can read about all of the stories on the Apple Newsroom website.

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