Queen Elizabeth 'gobsmacked' by Prince Harry's Apple TV+ revelations

What you need to know

  • Queen Elizabeth is said to have been “gobsmacked” at the content of a new Apple TV+ show featuring Prince Harry.
  • The Queen signed off on the show in 2018 but didn’t realize what it would turn into.

One was not amused – and not just because of the Apple TV’s remote.

Prince Harry’s The Me You Can’t See Apple TV+ show sees him talk about his mental health and dealing with the Royal Family. But Queen Elizabeth seems to have signed off on a different show altogether.

According to a new report by UK outlet MailOnline, Queen Elizabeth originally gave the OK for Prince Harry to be involved in the show way back in 2018. But what she thought she was going to get isn’t necessarily what was produced.

… royal insiders now claim that the way Harry pitched the show, The Me You Can’t See, was ‘clearly misleading’ and that no-one in the senior royal circle would have agreed to what they now view as a ‘personal attack on his father and the institution.’

Relations between Harry and the Royal Family are already rough, and things aren’t getting any better thanks to the new Apple TV+ show The Me You Can’t See.

A source close to the royal family claimed Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles are ‘absolutely gobsmacked’ by Harry’s revelations on his new show, and that trust with his increasingly estranged relatives ‘is hanging by a thread’.

The Queen expected the show to talk about mental health, but not that of Harry himself. Instead, she reportedly expected it to focus on veterans. Instead, the show included Harry suggesting his father hadn’t helped out when he needed him most.

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey for the series on mental health which Harry is co-producing, the former royal suggested his father, Prince Charles, had allowed his children to ‘suffer’ and accused the monarchy and the media of attempting to ‘smear’ his wife.

The Me You Can’t See has proven a hit outside of Buckingham Palace, with the show drawing “a more than 40% increase in average weekend viewership in the UK.”

All I want to know now is how everyone found the Apple TV remote when they sat down to watch this thing. Can I suggest someone checks out our best Apple TV deals so they can get the new one?

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