The Snapback Slim Air is the AirTag wallet Apple should have made

What you need to know

  • The Snapback Slim Air is a new wallet that also has a space for an AirTag.
  • You can back the wallet on Kickstarter and get one for $50.

I’ll take a brown one, please.

Apple’s AirTag item tracker is proving popular and there are already tons of new accessories available that are designed to hold the thing and attach it to something else. But one of the things many of us wanted an AirTag for was to make sure we never lost our wallet again. What we need is a wallet that has a space for an AirTag, and that’s what the Snappback Slim Air is here to offer.

Available via Kickstarter now and already fully backed with almost a month to go, the wallet comes in both black and brown colors and looks stunning. Don’t worry about the AirTag making the wallet too bulky, either. That’s been thought of!

Snapback Slim Air has its own secure section built specifically for AirTags. Our design reduces thickness and allows easy access to the device when needed.

Each wallet can hold up to six cards and a few folded bills as well as an AirTag. Each is made in the USA as well.

  • Snapback Slim Air holds up to six cards, a few folded bills and an AirTag
  • Two sections
  • Top section holds cards and cash
  • Side section securely holds an AirTag
  • Quality thread and stitching to ensure durability
  • Handcrafted in the USA from premium Italian leather
  • Available in black and brown

Head over to Kickstarter if you’re planning to pick one of these things up. Prices start at $50. Then go and check our collection of the best AirTag deals so you’re ready for when your new wallet arrives.

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