Spotify legal chief doubles down on Apple's App Store bullying claims

Spotify Chief Legal Officer Horacio Gutierrez has continued to attack Apple, calling it “disingenuous” about the economics of the App Store, and that Apple’s application of a 30% fee.

On May 18, an op-ed by the Spotify legal chief was published, one that pointed to Apple’s trial with Epic Games as evidence that Spotify “is no longer alone” in criticizing Apple. In an interview on Tuesday, Gutierrez delved further into his claims, explaining why he called Apple a bully for its control of the App Store.”It is clear to me that when it comes to their policies on app stores and the way in which they’re treating [not just] competing apps, but a whole variety of apps on their App Store, is just unfair,” said Gutierrez to The Verge. “I think it deserves regulatory attention and I think they’re getting regulatory attention for it.”

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