Twitter is testing new warning labels to prevent the spread of fake news

What you need to know

  • Three new misinformation warning labels have been found on Twitter.
  • Twitter says these are “some early experiments” that are being worked on.

More steps in the right direction for Twitter.

Twitter is testing three new warning labels that are designed to try and prevent the spread of misinformation. Tweets will include labels including “Get the latest,” “Stay informed,” and “Misleading” depending on their content.

The new labels were discovered by researcher Jane Munchun Wong with screenshots of all three shared for all to see. Wong had to tweet something that would trigger all three warnings, hence the rather odd content.

Since that tweet went live, Twitter Head of Site Integrity Yoel Roth has confirmed the labels’ existence, saying that they’re “early experiments” while inviting feedback on their current setup.

Twitter, like other social networks, has come under fire for the ease with which misinformation can spread. These labels are one way that such a problem could be dealt with, at least in part. There’s no indication if or when these labels will be made available to all or whether they’ll be limited to the official Twitter apps. Whether you’re using Twitter or Tweetbot, knowing what information is real and what isn’t is vital.

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