Bloomberg: Apple Car continues to lose key managers, but Apple still hiring

What you need to know

  • Apple has reportedly lost multiple “top managers” in recent months.
  • The project continues to add “notable names,” however.

The project seems problematic, but not dead.

The never-ending Apple Car project has reportedly lost a number of top managers in recent months, although Apple does seem to be replacing them.

A new Bloomberg report says that at least three people have left the company in the last year, with one having left in the last few days.

The iPhone maker has hundreds of engineers working on underlying self-driving car technology as well as groups of employees working on an actual vehicle, Bloomberg News has reported. Running the division is Doug Field, a former top vehicle engineer for Tesla Inc., along with a management team of fewer than a dozen executives. At least three members of that Apple car management team have departed this year.

The recent loss was Dave Scott – someone who previously worked on robotics related to the Apple Car project.

In recent days, Dave Scott, who led teams working on robotics related to the car, left to become the chief executive officer at Hyperfine, a health care company developing next-generation MRI systems. Before Scott’s departure, Jaime Waydo, who led autonomous car safety and regulation teams, departed to become the chief technology officer at Cavnue, a startup focused on the safety of autonomous cars on public roads.

The good news is that Apple continues to make new hires, suggesting that the project is far from dead and buried. It still doesn’t give us any indication when we can expect Apple Car to actually ship, though.

Despite the recent departures, Apple has added notable names to the car team over the past few years, including former top Tesla executives in charge of drive systems and manufacturing engineering, car interiors and exteriors and self-driving software. The team also includes other car industry veterans and executives who have developed key Apple products.

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