Someone used an AirTag to track their stolen wallet

What you need to know

  • Someone followed their stolen wallet thanks to an AirTag.
  • The AirTag was retrieved, but without the wallet it was once inside.

AirTags are great, but not as anti-theft devices.

Apple’s AirTag is a pretty great way to find something when you’ve lost it, but what about when something has been stolen? After having their wallet stolen, one Redditor set about trying to follow it using the AirTag that was inside. And follow it, they did.

So I was at the gym today, and I foolishly brought my wallet in with me (I usually leave it in the car). Even remember thinking as I entered if I should go back and drop my wallet off in the car, but nope, I decided it’d be fine. Spoiler: it wasn’t. My wallet was a Gucci branded wallet with about $100 in cash in it and a couple of credit cards, along with my license. I also had enough space in it to stick an Airtag in there (there’s a compartment where it fit easily). I’d initially bought the Airtag as I always lose my things around the house, wallet included.

Once the wallet went missing, the Redditor was able to follow it thanks to the AirTag. But this isn’t a story with a happy ending – the AirTag was found, but the wallet wastn’t. Turns out the thief was wise to that little white disc.

I was able to see that the wallet had left the gym and was at the next subway station (NYC). So my friend and I went and hopped into my car and started driving towards the Airtag, in the hopes that I’d be able to intercept the person who had it. Admittedly, I figured the chances were super slim, but seeing as the Airtag was moving, I assumed that the thief hadn’t noticed or knew what the Airtag was. The culprit eventually switched trains and then the Airtags stopped at a station. Me being the hopeful fool I was, went into the train station, and used the “Find” feature and eventually, I did indeed find the Airtag; just not the wallet. I guess the thief figured out what it was and tossed it into the subway tracks, where it still remains right now.

So there we have it. Turns out an AirTag is pretty great at letting your follow it through the New York subway system. The only problem is thieves know what an AirTag looks like and there’s only one outcome once it’s found.

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