Facebook Messenger Gains Quick Reply Bar, Payment Links, and New Themes

Facebook has announced new features for its Messenger app, including a quick reply bar, QR codes, and new chat themes.

The new quick reply bar can be found in the Messenger media viewer, and aims to make it easier to chat about media posted by friends without needing to go back to the main chat thread.

Users can tap on a photo or video and send a response via the quick reply bar, which lives at the bottom of the screen, then swipe up to exit the fullscreen media viewer to return to the main chat thread.

Three new chat themes, which are available in both Messenger and Instagram in chat settings, let users add new twists to their chat thread backgrounds. The themes include Olivia Rodrdigo, World Oceans Day, and F9: Fast and Furious.

In addition, Facebook is adding QR codes and payment links for use with Facebook Pay, allowing users to make payments even if they’re not on Facebook.

To access a personal QR code and payment link, go to Messenger settings and tap “Facebook Pay.” Users can share the payment link or allow friends to scan the QR code to send or request money.

The new features are rolling out now to Facebook Messenger, which is a free download for iPhone and iPad from the App Store. [Direct Link]

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