Resellers List AirTag Accessory Color Options Not Yet Offered by Apple

Alongside introducing the new MagSafe Battery Pack last week, Apple debuted new AirTag Leather Loop and AirTag Key Ring accessories in updated colors, but it appears there may be more shades to come, if existing reseller listings are accurate.

For example, Amazon currently has additional AirTag Loop color options in Capri Blue and Pink Citrus, and both the AirTag Leather Loop and AirTag Leather Key Ring are listed as available in Meyer Lemon.

The colors also appear in other third-party online retailers, yet none of them are listed on Apple’s online store. All the resellers list the additional colors as out of stock until August or into September, so it’s always possible Apple will also add them to its own online store at around that time.

We aren’t expecting any big product announcements from Apple until at least September with the launch of the new iPhone series, so the company may just silently add them to its accessory offerings for AirTag in the near future or tag them onto a big product press release. Watch this space.

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