Samsung CES 2022 'Age of Togetherness' live blog – QLED TV, new monitors and more

Samsung The Frame 2022

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Welcome to yet another round of CES 2022 announcements – this time, coming from Samsung. 

The South Korean electronics giant's CES press conference begins at today, Jan 4 at 6:30PM PT / 9:30PM ET, and will be bringing us more depth in the new QLED TVs, monitors, an array of smart home devices and more.

We should hear more about the Galaxy S21 FE – even though we already have a full review – and a greater announcement about how the brand plans to conduct itself in 2022. 

Stay tuned to this live blog and leave it open in a nice, quiet tab in your browser – it will auto update so you can dip in and see what shenanigans Samsung is up to this year.

All the big Samsung CES news so far

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE

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Before we talk about the new stuff that's coming, there's always that lovely thing where we've had a lot of time with a shiny new thing – and in this case, we've reviewed the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE before it gets talked about on stage.

Spoiler alert: we're not in love with it, but then again it is based on 11-month old technology. It's for the fans, hence Fan Edition = FE, but it still sparkles in some ways too.

Just a shame it's so expensive…

What can we expect in a few hours? Well, the main thing is that this is going to be a press event still, albeit one that's also streamed virtually.

With so many brands pulling out, Samsung maintaining a 'limited' presence is quite important – so for the few that are still attending CES in person, this is a big deal for them.

What will we see at the conference later?

Samsung Dolby Vision vs HDR10+

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One thing that looks likely is Samsung will take on Sony by launching a QD-OLED screen – a TV with the power of OLED with the control and precision of quantum dot, to make things look more impressive than ever.

I do love it when these brands release the same thing and then both pretend they thought of it first – a similar thing happened with 200Hz TVs (I think) back in IFA 2008.

Back then, I asked how they could both have the world's first 200Hz TV… and one of the reps said 'well… it depends which door you come through…'.

It looks certain we'll see Samsung do the same today as it was 'leaked' as an innovation on the CES' own website, so let's see what emerges there.

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