Apple's App Store Foundations program is expanding to 29 new countries

What you need to know

  • Apple is expanding its App Store Foundations program to 29 new countries.
  • All 29 countries will be in Europe.
  • No timeframe has been given and we don’t yet know which countries will be involved.

There is no word on which countries will be coming online or how long we will have to wait for it to happen, either.

Apple has announced that it is expanding its App Store Foundations program to 29 new countries, although it isn’t saying which ones just yet. There has also been no indication of what kind of timescale we are looking at, either.

Apple announced the move via a German Newsroom post that was picked up by MacRumors. The program launched almost four years ago and is already running in a number of countries. Developers are offered support across a range of aspects including development, monetization, and more.

Via machine translation:

Germany is home to some of the most talented and creative app developers in the world. They develop innovative and exciting apps that are used by millions of people. Apple promotes these talented developers and will soon be the 200th Developer from Germany in his App Store Foundations program. At the same time, the program will be extended to 29 countries in Europe.

It’s likely we will learn more in a full Newsroom post eventually with a timeframe and the countries in question sure to be announced eventually.

Apple continues to support developers as they work to find the route to App Store success and programs like this sill undoubtedly help those who might otherwise miss out on such assistance.

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