Poll: iPhone owners are more worried about update bugs than Android users

What you need to know

  • A new study highlights concerns that iOS users have regarding whether new updates will introduce bugs.
  • 43% of iOS users who don’t update straight away are concerned about bugs.
  • 40% of iPhone owners suggested they might consider switching brands.

People are worried that the update will just take too long to do as well.

A new study shows that 43% of iPhone users who avoid updating iOS straight away do so because they’re worried about potential bugs. Over on Android, that number falls to just 34%.

A study of 1,000 people by Router-Network found that just 43% of iOS users update their devices as soon as a new release is available, whereas that number increases to 47% in the Android world.

According to the numbers, some people simply find it difficult to set the time aside for an update and complain that it takes too long to do.

For others, time was the primary issue. Thirty-seven percent of respondents indicated that updating a smartphone takes too long. Between reading news feeds, checking investment account balances, or trying to book a vacation, another 33% simply can’t find a convenient time to update their device. IOS users were slightly more hesitant than Android users to immediately update their devices for all three reasons listed above.

This comes soon after Apple released its disappointing iOS 15 update numbers as well as seemingly took the decision to try to push people towards the latest release rather than offering security fixes for iOS 14.

Apple has suffered from iOS software quality in recent years and it’s understandable that some people are worried that they could lose functionality or experience bugs post-update. That’s something Apple will need to deal with, especially as it struggles to get users to update to iOS 15 and beyond.

The study also found that 50% of Android users were considering switching brands — 40% of iPhone users considered doing the same thing.

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