Roundguard update adds new Endless and Encore modes plus tons more

What you need to know

  • Roundguard has a big new update in the App Store.
  • The new Roundguard update adds two new modes including Encore, designed for playing after your main run.

Roundguard has a big new update available in the App Store.

Roundguard, a game that’s exactly what you’d get if you mixed Peggle with a roguelike RPG, has a big new update available for download in the App Store. The release adds new Endless and Encore modes and a whole lot more.

The update, which is part of Apple Arcade and will require a subscription to download, is playable on iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV and includes a raft of changes that include fixes and tweaks — including adding +1- to the Warrior’s starting health. Changes have also been made to the amount of health added after picking up some level-ups, too.

Alongside those improvements, developer Wonderbelly Games has also added a new Encore mode that’s designed to add longevity to the game after completing a normal run. A new Endless mode is also part of the update.

The main additions include:

  • Win a normal run to unlock Encore mode, which adds difficulty ranks with new trials to master!
  • New bosses to fight at the end of each Act!
  • Unique Sideshows for each hero with wild effects!
  • The Wheel of Woes will surprise you with every spin!
  • 5 new Relics, including one that unlocks Endless Mode!
  • New enemies, balance improvements, accessibility settings, and more!

Unlike so many apps and games, Roundguard actually includes a very detailed release note that can be read in the App Store now. That’s also where you’ll go to download Roundguard if you don’t already have it, too. Everyone else will see the update available for download via the usual App Store update mechanism.

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