LastPass for iPhone & iPad gains inline autofill, password creation

What you need to know

  • A new LastPass update makes it easier for people to create new passwords in Safari on iPhone and iPad.
  • An inline LastPass component means people don’t need to open the app to log in or create strong, unique passwords.
  • A new Safari Extension makes LastPass easier and quicker to use.

LastPass is making it easier for people o create new passwords and sign in using a new Safari extension.

Password management company LastPass has announced an update to its iPhone and iPad app that includes a new Safari Extension, adding inline autofill and password creation to the mix.

The new update, which LastPass announced via blog post, means that it is now easier to create new passwords and log in using existing ones without having to dive into the app proper. Everything is done inline, while remaining as secure as you’d expect.

The inline filling supports credit card details, addresses, and more as well as traditional passwords.

Our new infield save and fill experience enables you to create and save credentials directly within a site’s form field. It directly fills from or saves to your LastPass vault without ever opening your mobile vault. You can also fill popular form fields – like credit card numbers, addresses and more – in the same way. Just open a site and go – it’s that easy!

The feature addition means that people are more likely to create unique and strong passwords on the fly, something that is very much a positive.

Those who already have the LastPass app installed should find an update waiting for them in the App Store. Everyone else can download the app from the App Store afresh. Looking to give Safari even more power? Check out the best Safari extensions we’ve found and get installing!

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