Hotline Miami and Deathloop join together in new FPS Anger Foot

The frenetic mob-fighting action of Hotline Miami and the kick-tastic shooting of Deathloop look to combine in upcoming indie FPS Anger Foot.

Revealed in the Devolver Digital Summer Showcase 2022 after last night's Summer Game Fest opener, Anger Foot is exactly the game its name suggests – a violent, colorful shooter that plunges feet-first into frenetic gunfights. Described as a “lightning-fast hard bass blast of kicking doors and kicking ass” by developer Free Lives (the studio behind side-scroller Broforce), it doesn’t exactly let up on energy.

That’s where the Hotline Miami inspiration comes in. The game's setting – the “caffeine-fueled fever dream of Shit City” – looks just as illicit and morally decrepit as Dennaton Games’ beloved top-down shooter. You’ll be fighting your way through slums, sewers, and skyscrapers, as you stamp out every whiff of illegitimate enterprise in a colorful, slightly absurdist criminal underworld.

Anger Foot's high-octane combat also looks to be taking a leaf out of Hotline Miami’s lightning-fast playbook. Its announcement gameplay trailer, which you can catch below, shows a series of fast-paced combat areas, an arsenal of varied weapons, and the option to lob your weapons at enemies, giving you the breathing room to move in for melee attacks. There’ll be secrets to discover and additional unlocks, as the game encourages you to tackle levels in creative new ways.

Deathloop, meanwhile, appears to have made an impression on Anger Foot’s primary combat mechanic: the kick. Although you’ll be slugging bullets at enemies, your character’s feet are the real stars of the show. Just like Arkane’s immersive sim, you can throw up your leg to throw back enemies, doors, and other objects in feverish displays of foot-related violence.

Expect to be kicking barrels and doors into the faces of your foes, and unlocking new sneakers as you progress through the game. You’ll also be able to upgrade your powers for additional kick.

Anger Foot is set to release in 2023. A demo is available to play now on the game’s Steam page, if you want an early taste of its door-stomping action.

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