Best office chairs on a budget

We all like to be comfortable at our desks – but not everyone can afford one of the more expensive chairs from the likes of Hermann Miller or Humanscale. Thankfully, there are some great cheap office chairs out there for those of us that need something on the more budget-oriented end of the scale. So here are some of the best office chairs for under $150.

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Cheap office chairs you can rely on

The All Rounder

Hbada Office Task Chair

Staff Pick

The Hbada Task Chair looks phenomenal, particularly in its black and white color scheme. There are also some pretty great features built into its frame as well – the arms lift up and out of the way if you find them cumbersome, and the thick padding on the seat keeps you comfortable. The back of the chair also has a really nice ‘S-curve’ to it that supports your back over long sitting sessions.

$119 at Amazon

Executive Comfort

Office Ergonomic Chair

If you want to look like you own the place, the simply-named Office Ergonomic Desk Chair is the way to go – and its thick padding will keep you comfortable over long periods of time. There’s built-in lumbar support, and its extremely soft PU leather is, while thin, soft and supple – so you get the look of an executive chair, with all the comfort too.

$75 at Amazon

Unobtrusive design

Boss Office Posture Chair

If you want something completely un-fussy that slips under a desk when you’re not using it, the Boss Office Posture Chair is a great option. It’s relatively inexpensive, but has some really nice supportive cushions – and, if they annoy you, there aren’t any armrests to get in the way. Perfect for dorm rooms or smaller home offices that need a less intrusive desk chair.

$76 at Amazon

Basically good

Amazon Basics Task Chair

Just because they’re basic doesn’t mean they’re not good – and the Amazon Basics Task Chair proves this point beautifully. There’s no armrests to get in your way, and the mesh back is comfortable and breathable, so you’re kept that little bit cooler on hotter days. It’s also available in a range of different colors to suit any home office decor.

$65 at Amazon

Swivelly fun

Neo Chair Swivel Chair

Neo Chair’s Swivel Office Chair has some great features for an impressive price – there are comfy armrests, a mesh back with lumbar support, and a firm, but comfy cushion for derriere support. It is a little narrower than some, so those with wider behinds may want to look elsewhere, but for under $100 it’s an excellent choice.

$70 at Amazon

Something more

Erguosit Home Office Chair

Sometimes its worth going slightly over budget – matters involving your back should well be one of those times. If you can stretch $20 over, you can grab the Erguosit Home Office Chair – and it’s worth it. There’s a mesh back with adjustable lumbar support, moveable padded armrests, and a bottom cushion big enough to suit even the heaviest set behind. It rocks back, it swivels – everything you’d want from an office chair.

$169 at Amazon

Which would we go for?

On its Amazon page, Hbada claims its Task Chair can ‘Understand you better than your boss’ and it’s a ‘cute little penguin’. While we can’t really comment on either of these statements (although its color scheme is very fetching, and penguin-like), we do know for sure that it’s a comfy, reasonably priced desk chair – for something that sits nicely in the middle, we’d say it’s the overall pick of the bunch.

Of course, if you’re still waiting on payday but your desk chair stem has just perforated the cushion, leaving you chairless in the face of another week of home office work, you may think you’re limited on options. Thankfully, the Amazon Basics Task Chair is lovely and cheap, yet still features a mesh back – so you’ll be nice and comfy through the work day. And it’s available in blue!

If you want all the bells and whistles, there’s the Erguosit Home Office chair. It is the priciest of the bunch at $169 (which yes, is over our $150 limit), but it features gizmos that even more expensive chairs don’t have – padded armrests and adjustable lumbar support to name but a few. Yes, it is a little dearer than its peers – but it is worth it, if you want to stretch the budget a bit. Your back will thank you.

Where to buy desk chairs on a budget?

If none of the above are quite your style, then there are a great range of places to have a look at other cheap, comfy office chairs. Wayfair has some really stylish options at really great prices, and Home Depot has an entire office section where you can sort your options by price and go from there. There’s always the ever-faithful Amazon, although searching through the enormous range on offer can be daunting at best. Make sure you’re doubling checking reviews, and if in doubt, pop back here! The list will continue to evolve with time, and we’ll keep making sure this list reflects how you can get a cheap office chair on a budget for a long time to come.

  • Amazon – Good old faithful Amazon – they’ve got thousands of options.
  • Home Depot – It’s very easy to sort the options on their site, so you can really narrow down your search.
  • Walmart – We’ve already put a Ascending price filter on here, so you’ll see the cheapest options first.
  • BestBuy – They’ve mixed in some accessories with the chairs here, so you’ll have to scroll a bit to get to the chairs. They are there though, we promise!
  • Wayfair – Wayfair may not be the cheapest, but they have some very stylish options for good prices.

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