Always-on iPhone 14 Pro display, M2 iPad Pro expected for late 2022

The iPhone 14 Pro range will benefit from an always-on display that highlights the new lock screen widgets of iOS 16, a report on Apple’s product updates proposes, meanwhile iPad Pro changes could include M2-equipped models.

Apple has previously been rumored to include an always-on display in the Pro lineup of iPhone 14 models, with code included in iOS 16 betas seemingly confirming the claims about the feature. Though it has apparently been in development for years, a report claims the change is warranted now, due to the introduction of lock screen changes.The iPhone 14 Pro will be able to show the same lock screen widgets as the iPhone 14 range, reports Mark Gurman for Bloomberg’s “Power On” newsletter on Sunday. These features will display while the screen remains at a low brightness and framerate, while a setting will also prevent sensitive data from appearing on that display.

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